Five Ws and One H

The five Ws beloved of journalists are Who, What, When, Where, and Why. I think How belongs in there too, don’t you?

Here in five Ws and one H is what Write Through It thinks it’s about.


A blog about the everyday trials and triumphs of writing


Most of what I know about writing comes either from my experience or the experience of other writers.  I love listening to writers talk about writing. Writers take writing seriously. Writers know how weird writing can be. I want to share my tips, insights, and frustrations, and I want to create a space for other writers, novices, returnees, and old hands, to share theirs.

I’m an editor by trade. I want to share my tips, insights, and frustrations about that too. I want to help writers edit their own work, decide if and when they need to hire an editor, and find the right editor for them.



The more y’all comment, the more useful this blog will be. What works for you? What’s stumping you now? If you’ve got an idea for a post, let me know. See the Got a Question? link over to the right? It includes a contact form. Feel free to use it, or post a comment here.


I’m an editor by trade and a writer by avocation. My native language is nonfiction, but I’ve also written pretty good poems, one-act plays, and short stories, not to mention one novel, The Mud of the Place. I blog about year-round Martha’s Vineyard at From the Seasonally Occupied Territories.


Damned if I know!

I figure that whatever interests me is going to interest at least some of you. I hope you’ll respond with your own stuff. Whatever interests you is probably going to interest me and a bunch of other people.



Wherever you sit down or stand up to write.


Now, of course!




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