2017 A to Z Challenge

I learned about the A–Z Challenge from Eva Blaskovic’s very good writing blog Beyond the Precipice. The challenge was to blog thematically every day in April (except Sundays — you got Sundays off), starting with A and going through to Z. It was a challenge indeed. Both my blogs, Write Through It and From the Seasonally Occupied Territories (about living on year-round Martha’s Vineyard), had been taking a back seat to my novel in progress and my work as an editor. Maybe I could revitalize them with the A–Z Challenge?

April had already started, so it took me a few days to catch up. Immediately I realized that no way could I do A through Z in both blogs at the same time. I stuck with this one — and I did it. Now it’s time to get back to the novel, but I don’t plan to let Write Through It fall by the wayside.

A is for Audience

B is for Backmatter

C is for Comma

D is for Deadline

E is for Ellipsis

F is for Fact-Checking

G is for Grammar

H is for Handwriting

I is for Italics

J is for Journey

K is for Knowledge

L is for Literary

M is for Manuscript

N is for Narrative

O is for Orphan

P is for Point of View

Q is for Query

R is for Readers

S is for Spelling

T is for That

U is for Usage

V is for Verb

W is for Write

X is for X-Acto Knife

Y is for You

Z is for Zipped