Got Dialogue?

I use a lot of dialogue in my fiction. I’m pretty good at it. (My writers’ group says so. <g>) I’m planning to blog about it in the not-too-distant future, and probably more than once, so here’s a request:

If you’ve got a short (say 50–75 words) snippet of dialogue that you’d like feedback on, send it along. Use the comment form in this post or the one in Got a Question? above. They both go to the same place. If you like, I’ll include a link to your blog or website along with your question, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s fine too.


2 thoughts on “Got Dialogue?

    • Maybe you’ll pick up some useful tips! One of the best ways I know to improve dialogue is to eavesdrop on people, all kinds of people, everywhere. If you can get away with it, scribble things down on a notepad. Paying close attention to movies, plays, and TV shows is good too.

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