I’m walking toward a wall. The wall is solid. It stretches upward, leftward, and rightward as far as I can see. It looks like the Great Wall of China.

The closer I get, the more slowly I walk. Small steps turn to baby steps turn to walking in place. If I don’t turn around, I’m going to break my nose on the wall.

I keep walking. A crack appears in the wall. As I walk, it gets taller and wider. I glimpse what’s on the other side.

I sit down, pen in hand, and start writing. The other side gets clearer and clearer. When I look back, I can’t see the wall at all.

20160730 breakthrough

The other side of the wall


6 thoughts on “Breakthrough

    • Yes, that’s what it’s like.
      As a lover of all handmade systems, I’m intrigued by your use of different colors as you write. How do you choose? How do you shift colors without interrupting the flow?
      Back to my dissolving wall, now.

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      • Within easy reach of my left hand I’ve got a jar with 10 fountain pens in it, each loaded with a different color ink. For nonfiction I usually use something dark. Black cherry is a current favorite. The novel in progress currently has two viewpoint characters. One POV character is green, the other plum. I make notes and corrections in either red or a red-orange — they both stand out nicely. For brainstorming (which is what the pictured page is) I usually use something dark, but when I was writing this I shifted to red for possibilities that came to me while I was brainstorming. I like the way it looks. πŸ™‚


        • Thanks, Susanna. I’m hopelessly in love with color and will give your system a try (though probably with fewer colors—at least for starters).


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