Mean Comments: When Your Self-Esteem Is at Stake

Wise counsel about dealing with criticism of the sort that only wants to tear you down, not improve your work. Writers are less likely than singers to be face to face with our attackers, but this still applies.


mean-commentsThe Drive of Being Heard

Art and music usually intend of making an impression or a statement.  Other people are inclined to voice their opinion when they’ve seen a play or heard a musical number that has moved them, whether the response is negative or positive. This drive for being heard and voicing our impressions has created an entire career; critics are paid to write or voice their reviews of various forms of art, whether it is food, movies, music, or visual.

Constructive criticism can be a great thing because it allows the artist to receive feedback that could very well improve its project. Even negative feedback can allow a creator to learn from its shortcomings and create even better work.

The Internet has become a helpful resource for artists in term of exposure, especially musicians and songwriters, as they are able to expose their work to a much larger…

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2 thoughts on “Mean Comments: When Your Self-Esteem Is at Stake

  1. Good pieces of advice. I’ve heard that some writers never read the reviews. I’m sure someone else does it anyway. Whatever artistic enterprise there will always be people who don’t like it. So it’s probably good to grow some resilience.

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    • Sorting out the criticism you can use from the criticism (or trashing) that’s mainly meant to pull you down — that’s the big challenge. It’s not always easy to tell which is which, and sometimes it’s a little bit of both. When someone has a passionately negative reaction to something I’ve written, I often want to fight back (and I do). But later on I can see the positive: this person was engaged enough with my work to get angry about it. This isn’t a bad thing!

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