New Theme TK

Write Through It is going to get a new look — as soon as I can make up my mind, that is. I like this theme, not least because of its name (“Typo”), but I want a sidebar. Readers are having a hard time finding the archives, the “recent posts” list, and the search bar because they’re way down at the bottom. I’d also like “Leave a Comment” to be more visible.

The theme of my dreams has got to be free. The ones I’m considering are Twenty-Eleven, Hemingway Rewritten, Yoko, Mystique, and Misty Lake. Dear readers who are also WordPress bloggers, do you have a favorite theme that I should have a look at? Do you have any feelings, pro or con, about the ones I mentioned?

All comments welcome!


7 thoughts on “New Theme TK

  1. I quite like Twenty-eleven. I use it on my webpage It allows a dedicated “home” page, featured images, lots of flexibility in sidebars and footers, and custom headers. I use sidebars for some of my pages and not for others. It also allows nested pages, but I decided that was getting too complex. 🙂


    • Aha, thanks! I like to see themes “in action.” I’m also toying the idea of changing the theme for From the Seasonally Occupied Territories. I love Twenty-Ten, but it doesn’t allow a dedicated home page. That would come in handy.

      Trying out themes is my new favorite procrastination technique. Now I’m going to have another look at Twenty-Twelve. 😉


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