New Look!

OK, I stopped fiddle-faddling and went with Hemingway Rewritten. Well, I haven’t totally stopped fiddle-faddling, because I’m still playing with background colors and widgets and thinking I want to redo the pages on the menu bar and maybe get a new header photo?


really like having a sidebar.

Let me know what you think. I especially want to know if you find it unreadable — because of the fonts, or the sizes, or the colors.


11 thoughts on “New Look!

      • I prefer longhand as well, but fountain pens? I’m not very good at the proper technique! I do, however, have a beautiful antique ROYAL manual typewriter–lovingly refurbished by my partner–on which I occasionally tap away for the sheer joy of it!

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        • My technique is shaky. This is why I’ve usually got ink stains on my fingers. Or maybe it’s because I like having ink stains on my fingers. I went off to college with my mother’s Royal portable. At that point I couldn’t type worth a damn, but fellow students paid me to type their papers because I automatically cleaned up their spelling, writing, and some of their thinking. 😉


        • Thinking, too? Now, THAT’s a good typewriter! Mine is an over-sized cast-iron paperweight with those beautiful beveled-glass side panels. I mostly just look at it with deep admiration, and in return it gives me inspiration (to write).


  1. Love the site – easy to navigate and make sense of everything very quickly.
    Works fine (fonts, size, etc.) on both Chrome and Firefox.


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