How to Revise a Draft Without Going Crazy

There’s enough good advice in this excerpt that I’m seriously thinking of buying the book. I love revising and find it satisfying, but I often don’t know how to explain what I’m doing, or what needs doing, or how I know what to do. Maybe this will help.

Nonfiction author Dinty Moore shares some tips and tricks on how to look through a draft and make important revisions painlessly.

Source: The Story Cure: How to Revise a Draft Without Going Crazy


2 thoughts on “How to Revise a Draft Without Going Crazy

  1. Greetings Susanna. Today, I have nominated your blog for the Mystery Blogger Award. It is perhaps the most informative and helpful blog I’m currently following, and there are many aspiring authors on WordPress who I feel would benefit tremendously from discovering Write Through It.

    Please don’t feel obligated to accept, I won’t be offend if you don’t wish to. But if you would like to accept the award, just visit the link to my blog below for instructions.


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